DIY Yarn Spider Wreath

 I went crazy for yarn wreaths this season… I think it may be my new favorite activity.  It sounds weird, but I find it relaxing.  Since I suffer from anxiety attacks on a fairly regular basis, doing these wreaths is an excellent way to get my mind off my worries.  Sure, my hands and arms hurt later, but it’s worth it!

This one is another take on yesterday’s bat wreath.  Same basic techniques for wrapping the yarn and attaching it to the wreath.  If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s post, you can do so here.

It also took me a little longer than the bat wreath due to the fact I didn’t do any crossovers to deal with the curve of the circle.

After 2 re-run episodes of The Mentalist, this is the fruit of my labor (and my sweet little fur-baby Yoda, hanging with his Mommy).  It’s looking good, says I!  As you can see, I chose orange yarn for this one.

After 3 re-run episodes of The Big Bang Theory, I ended up with a complete yarn wreath.  Now, what to add to make it special?  Ah ha!  Inspiration thanks to Seven Alive (here).  Now, to face my fears… Spiders!

I found these creepy, hairy little guys at… I want to say Michaels, but don’t quote me on that.  They came in a set of six… ewwwww.  I really don’t like spiders!

Moving on… here is the finished product:

I found this cute ribbon at Michaels… says “Trick or Treat”.  It was 6 feet long and I used the whole roll!

I hot glued some semi-transparent fishing line at different lengths to the back of the spiders.  It was a bit difficult, since the backs were concave, but they stayed on, so I’m not complaining!  The other end of the line was glued to the back of the wreath.


I had a little issue with the ribbon and my spider cut-out.  That ribbon is green, sparkly, wire-edged from Celebrations: Halloween from Michaels.  I thought it could look pumpkin-y.  Ha!  I attached a pop tab via many layers of hot glue to the back of the ribbon, behind the spider cut-out, for which I folded a piece of black card stock and free-handed… that’s why it slightly resembles a cockroach with extra legs.
That’s it!  I faced my fear (even though the spiders are fake, it counts).

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