Candy Corn Wreath

This one was by far the hardest one I’ve done thus far.  It took over 3 1/2 hours sitting over my table and more than 5 craft sticks for my glue gun!  Plus the time it took to wrap it with yarn…

It probably would have come together easier if I hadn’t decided to do it my own way.  As you may have figured out, I’m obsessed with yarn wreaths this season.  The 2 wreaths that inspired this one were not done with yarn… but I didn’t want to spray paint the Styrofoam form, so I thought… hey.  I have some extra yarn.  I’ll just wrap it!  Not my best idea, but the end product came out just fine.

I used the basic directions from the Sevin Family blog here, but I followed the look of a wreath I saw from Thrifty Decor Chick, even though I couldn’t find the exact picture once I was on her blog.

Instead of a floral foam wreath, I used the porous Styrofoam wreath; it has a flat work surface.  The problem with using this type of wreath form is, when you decide to wrap it with yarn, it makes a big mess!  I suggest going with the more solid foam wreath, especially if you’re going to yarn it.

After wrapping it, I painstakingly glued about 2 lbs of candy corn to the surfaces.  I didn’t do the back or the entire center; just one row into the middle to give it a more rounded look.

When I was certain the candy corn was going to stay put, I Mod Podged all surfaces covered in the candy, since this was the one I was hanging outside, and let it dry.  I wrapped it with this cute candy corn ribbon I found at Michaels (they also have one with a white background).  Then I hung it with hemp twine (it’s said to be able to hold up to 4-8 lbs… or maybe he said 48?  Either way, it was strong enough to hold the weight of the finished wreath).

My Hubby says you can see the wreath from down the block and I’ve noticed that it attracts honey bees (duh… since candy corn is made with honey!), so if you have an allergy and still have warm-ish weather, I would avoid hanging this where you’ll come in contact with it often.  The bees that we’ve had have been extremely persistent.  I’m not complaining… I’m all for saving the honey bees, but forewarned is forearmed.

I’ve had many compliments on it, so it was totally worth the effort, but don’t undertake the task unless you have a lot of free time.  Or enlist the help of tiny able hands!


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