Ghost Plaque (with feet!)

This will probably be the only year I am able to put the kids footprints all on one plaque… when you see the middle print, you’ll understand.  If I do this craft in the coming years, each child will have to have their own plaque!

This craft was inspired by Diary of a Working Mom here.

I started with a rounded wood plaque, measured to fit with the size of my eldest son’s big foot.  Luckily, he was there in the craft store, so I only had to make the one trip.  I also picked up black matte spray paint and white acrylic glossy paint (for the “ghosts”).  I already had plenty of Halloween ribbon to chose from, though I didn’t end up using any of them.

First, spray paint your chosen plaque with black spray paint.  Then off to testing while it drys.

I tested my technique on some extra card stock I had.  I recommend this especially with smaller children who want to stick their feet wherever.  The first attempt I made was having my eldest step in a puddle of paint, then stepping down (with my guidance).  Not the way to go, just so you know.  We had a little mishap when he stepped on the plaque (he stepped in the wrong place), so I had to wipe it down and spray it with black paint again.

The second go-around went much smoother (and was much more ticklish!).  I went with painting the bottom of their feet with the white paint; they were cooperative in my guiding their feet to the correct position.  I pressed their feet down onto the plaque to get good cover, although I should have rolled in on the arch to make the ghost more cohesive.

After the ghosts were dry, I used orange paint to free-hand Halloween and the year (just in case we forget 😉 ) and, since I didn’t have any black paint (other than the spray paint), I sprayed the paint onto card stock and painted the eyes while the paint was still wet.

I also used the black paint to put my kids’ first initial on it, so everyone knows how BIG their feet are!  Bigfoot?  Yeah… he can wear my shoes and I wear a 9 in womens.  He’s 10.

As for what I used to hang it, I was bored one night; I hadn’t figured out which ribbon would be best for the plaque.  I needed something to do with my hands, so I started braiding the black, gray and orange yarns I had from my yarn wreaths… 6 feet of it.  I merely folded it into 3 equal parts and hot glued the ends symmetrically on the back.  It’s holding up really well!

That’s it!  It’s a great memento and everyone had fun working on a project with Mommy.


4 thoughts on “Ghost Plaque (with feet!)

  1. They grow up so fast, don't they?

    I was thinking about using googly eyes, but I wanted to get it hung… I'm impatient like that. 🙂

    Love your version, too. I had bought wood letters to use on the plaque, but there wasn't room, so I used them on another project I haven't posted yet.

  2. Oh no! My kids thought it was fun having to hop around on on foot and having the paint brush tickle their feet. (They ones of a rare breed that LOVE being tickled!)

    Thanks, as always, for hosting!

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