Happy Halloween Spiderweb Yarn Wreath

Another wreath! This one was inspired by Mom Endeavors. Mine looks nothing by hers, but her amazing wreath made me think of my own.

I had a lot of trouble with the webbing, having never used it before, but I’m impressed with the overall result.  Took me awhile to get it right!

I wrapped a Styrofoam wreath with black yarn, then spread the webbing across the back.  I hot-glued sections of the webbing onto the back, making sure the front looked the way I wanted it.

I had bought some spider confetti at Hobby Lobby, so I sprinkled them onto the front of the webbing.  The bag of webbing also came with 2 larger plastic spiders, so I added those, too.

I had 3 spiders left over from my [other] spider wreath, so I hot-glued 2 onto the wreath itself and used the third to add some attraction to the bow.  Then I painted some small wooden letters with orange paint and hot-glued those on, too!

Unfortunately, this wreath didn’t stay hanging on it’s pop tab for long, so now the ribbon has been removed and it’s hanging by a piece of webbing.  When crafting, you have to roll with the punches!

Well?  What are you waiting for?  Get crafting!  🙂


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