Steak and Bleu Cheese Pasta

 Who doesn’t love a good steak? Other than vegetarians and vegans, that is.  We don’t eat steak often.  For a decent cut and enough to feed at least 5, it can get pricey.
My dad loves to grill. Salmon, chicken, steak, burgers… you name it, if the weather allows it (my parents live off the Puget Sound in Washington – rain is a regular thing), he’ll grill it.
As a tradition, even now that my brothers and I are grown, if we’re home for our birthday, we get our own favorite birthday dinner.  We had German Chocolate Cake every year for my oldest brother’s birthday… and I don’t like German Chocolate Cake, so …. well, I guess that isn’t my point.
My point is, my birthday dinner was always flank steak off the grill and bleu cheese pasta.  I don’t have it every year now that I’m married, but every now and then I get a hankering for it.
Funny thing is, I don’t have a knack for finding flank steak at the market.  So when I finally found it, I grabbed it up.  Unfortunately, my husband did not want to man the grill and I’m grill-challenged, but I have a Foreman, so I made due.
Luckily, grilled steak is super easy and customizable.
I used what I had in my pantry as a rub: some thyme, ground mustard, garlic powder; then I added some Frank’s Wing Sauce in Buffalo flavor.  Rub it all over both sides of the meat and let it sit, covered, in the fridge until ready to cook.
Toss it on the grill (or in my case, the Foreman) and cook to your desired done-ness.  That’s a word, right?  Steak’s done!
Meanwhile, on the stove…
Usually I use fettuccine pasta for this, but I didn’t have it in my pantry.  Penne works well, though.  You’ll want to use a hearty pasta – no angel hair or linguine. It won’t hold well under the sauce.
Cook the pasta al dente, with a little salt to the water.  The salt isn’t necessary, but I’ve always added it to my pasta water.  Chef’s choice!
For the sauce… well, it’s super difficult.  Just kidding!  It’s all “to taste”.
On a normal day, you can walk into the market , head to the deli area and find the containers of plain ol’ bleu cheese.  Well, since I’d found flank steak, of course they would be out of regular bleu.  However, I did come across 2 new flavors: Southeast Smoked and Southwestern-Style.
I chose the former, but since it was my first time using it, I didn’t want to overwhelm the sauce.  Alternately, if you can’t find bleu cheese, Gorgonzola works just fine… and it also works to stabilize the strong flavor of a robust bleu cheese.
Throw as much crumbles as you want in a saucepan, add heavy cream till desired consistency and taste… you get to taste a lot… then add a little salt.  Sauce finished!
Add to pasta and mix well. Add leftover crumbles for more flavor, plus it looks pretty.
Serve the steak, cut on the bias and a heap of delicious pasta, then enjoy!

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