Easter Egg Wreath

Spring has sprung and Easter is just weeks away!
I wanted to make more yarn wreaths, like the ones I showed you, but I saw a wreath over on Kennedy Klan News and became inspired.  Mine didn’t turn out like hers, so you should click over there and check hers out, too.

I ended up going to 2 different craft stores – Michael’s and Hobby Lobby – but part of that may have been for an upcoming spring project I’m going to share… once I get the pictures done, that is!
These are the materials I picked up:
  • plastic eggs – bags totaled 72 medium eggs and I had leftovers
  • Easter grass – 4 bags, 4 colors (white, green, purple, pink)
  • 1 12-inch flat cardboard wreath form
  • a fabulous chevron bow, pre-made

This is what I had on hand:

  • twine
  • hot glue gun
  • extra craft sticks (for glue gun)
Quesadilla helped me with most of the creation of this wreath, when she wasn’t distracted by this stupid XBOX game the boys got for free.  I had the table set up for photos and she started to clean up the “mess”.  I had to stop her – it’s controlled chaos, I said.  You know, for pictures.  So she tousled the eggs and grass out for me.  Little Sasquatch wanted to help too, but only because he wasn’t getting his way in the aforementioned game.

The wreath form I bought had pre-drilled holes, which was handy, so I tied a little twine on first, so I could hang it later.  You can use ribbon or yarn… whatever you have handy.  You will want to get this on first, for aesthetic purposes (and ease, too).  Make sure the knot is nice and secure.  I had to tie mine twice because it came undone the first time.

Due to the limited width of the form I bought, I started with a single layer of plastic eggs, secured with a dot of hot glue.  I tried not to follow any discernible pattern, lest I end up having two same-colored eggs side by side.  I also tried to make it so all the eggs weren’t in a straight position or even facing the same direction.
This is the first layer of eggs, finished.  Now, to add the grass.  I thought this would be the difficult part and I was right.  First, I mixed the grasses together so there wasn’t just one color bunched in one place.  Now, I know there’s a saying – that glitter is the herpes of craft supplies – and I agree, but I also feel that Easter grass is second in line.
Easter grass.  In order to avoid hot glue blisters, I developed a strategy.  I bunched the grass up on one side, put a dollop of glue in between the eggs, then pressed the bunched up part into the glue – first on the inside, then the outside.  Fingers were saved, but there was a hiccup.  Easter grass tends to be really long.  So, after it was all glued on, I gave it a haircut – mowed the lawn – whatever…
Talk about overgrown.  It’s pastel chaos!  After all that, I still had one more layer of eggs to put on.  It was at this point Q bailed in favor of mindless gaming.  Kids these days – ha!  I’m a 90’s kid – I remember when the original Nintendo came out.  I even owned a first generation Gameboy.  Now gaming is high definition, which is great, but the some of the games haven’t evolved in eccentricities.  There are still heroes running around and rescuing princesses – or protecting castles – from trolls and ogres.  I miss old school Mario – the original hero.
For the finishing touch, I hot glued this awesome bow to the top layer of eggs.  From the front, I’m pretty sure the bow is off-centered and my OCD is telling me to fix it, but I almost like it better that way.  Adds character and all that.

Adds some great color to the house, especially since we have white door everywhere.  I can literally put it on any door in my house to add a pop of festive color!  Man, that grass still needs a trim…

*Just as a side note, using the plastic eggs will result in some of them popping open during the wreath-making process.  Just click them shut and, once they’re glued, it should stop it from happening.* 

6 thoughts on “Easter Egg Wreath

  1. Thanks, Michele! I saw that ribbon and HAD to have it.

    Yeah… I'm still coming across the grass in my kitchen and living room. I was telling my daughter it was hard to get rid of – guess I proved that! 🙂

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