April Showers Bring Paper Flowers!

Well, Spring is definitely here.  I had my first major allergy attack the other day – I spent most of the morning feeling a sneeze coming on, then once I sneezed, I couldn’t stop!  It went on for a couple hours.  Riddikulus.
Luckily, these flowers don’t emit pollen spores, so feel free to skip the antihistamines!  I found my inspiration over at Susie Harris.  Her project uses large egg forms and solid colors, but are stunning! I recommend checking hers out, too.
Here’s the list of the supplies:
  • various shades of stock paper
  • various patterns of scrapbook paper
  • a medium flower punch
  • boxes of corsage pins (found in the wedding section) – amount depends on how many balls you plan on making and the number of flowers per ball
  • smooth Styrofoam balls and/or eggs – I ran out of eggs, so I started with the balls I had on hand

I love trips to the craft store.  I don’t take them very often because we can’t afford it.  I tend to get carried away.  The Big Guy is… less enthusiastic.  It’s like clothes shopping for him – unless it’s Victoria’s Secret, he’s not interested.  Men.
As for my wallet, this craft was kinder than most.  Stock paper and scrapbook paper are cheap in the singular, so that’s a bonus.  Plus there is always some fun patterns and colors to work with, with every season creating more to pick from.
I started this craft before I got around to taking the pictures, in case you couldn’t tell.  At least there was enough left undone.  And by enough, I mean a lot.  Like I said – carried away!  I also started with some egg forms that I had on hand – you’ll see them in the pictures.  Then, when the trips to the craft stores yielded a lack of more egg forms, I moved on to the… round ones I had on hand + I bought another pack of six.
Speaking of “carried away”, I was filling my Brita water container and found that my kids decided the fridge needed decoration.  You know the produce stickers on apples, oranges, and the like? Yeah… stuck on every surface, even under one of the shelves!  (I only know that because our fridge shelves are clear – lucky me.)  I picked off as many as I saw, but next time I’m in there, I’ll probably find more.

I recommend punching all the flowers out ahead of time – it’s the most time consuming part.  No, really.  It seems like it’s never going to end.  I promise it does, though!
Isn’t Quesadilla a great hand model?  You know, except the chipped nail polish.  Ha!  She loves to paint her nails – spends her allowance on nail polish, changes it often.  The bad part is that she forgets to open a window during the process, so we all get bombarded with the stench.  It doesn’t matter how many times I remind her.  The joys of pre-teen girls.
So, after you’ve punched out all your flowers, it’s time to start pinning.  One corsage pin per flower is all that’s needed.
The easiest way I found to start is by laying the flower on the Styrofoam form where you want it to be, then stick the pin through the paper, into the form, as close to the center of the flower as possible. Offsetting the stock paper and scrapbook paper has the best effect.
I used the line separating the two halves to be a great starting point.  It keeps the first row somewhat straight, setting a good foundation for the rest of the… project.
I’m trying really hard to to say ball here, even though that’s what they are.  It turns into the gutter in my brain.  Let’s face it, most things do.  I’ll admit it.  My brain is the gutter blockage yours needs to get by when you’re trying to float by.  Sorry about that!
The first line is done.  Simple.  Q says it looks like a head-wrapping braid.  I thought “halo” or “headband” – but I like hers, too.  I really need to talk to her about cleaning under her nails…
She asked me why her brothers never want to help me craft.  I wasn’t sure how to answer her.  All those old-school gender affirming roles came to mind, but I don’t want to teach my kids that girls do certain things while boys do other things – that they don’t co-mingle.  Especially in this “enlightened” age.
So I said it was because they would rather play video games, which is true.  A mother’s job and all that…
After the first line, I transected the… form… with a not-so-straight line, creating some not-so-equal quadrants.  These sections being equal is not important, just FYI.  That was the point I was trying to make.  Perfectionists, beware!
From that point, it’s just a matter of filling in the quadrants.  Use your best judgments and realize that some of your flowers may end up being really close together, in order to cover the naked… form… completely.
I liked to start the quadrants in the area with the smallest angle, then continue until it’s full.
The finished project.  Looks fabulous, doesn’t it?  There’s a small catch →  you remember that game, Kerplunk?  The one where you pull the sticks out one by one, trying not to make the… marbles… fall?
Try doing that backwards, without the… marbles.  Sometimes, sticking the pins in, you may find… well, another pin.  There’s an easy fix for that.  Just pull out the pin and re-position it.  No big deal!
I wanted a wire basket, but was in too much of a rush to look for the perfect one, so I ended up with a clean, white, Easter basket for display purposes.
Well, that’s it!  I imagine I’ll be doing these for other holidays.  One of Q‘s friends’ moms came over and said that she had made ornaments for the Christmas tree that were like these.  Ideas, ideas!

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