Adventures of a Nerd – Part One

Oh Em Geez, guys!!  What an amazing 3 days.  I’m still getting over it – physically and mentally – especially physically.  Ouch!

I want to share all the nerdiness with you in a post, but there are just too many pictures, so guess what.  That’s right!  More than one post.  (For you non-nerds, I’m sorry I’m not sorry and I hope you’ll stay.)

If you like the pictures I share on here, I have more that I won’t be posting here on the blog, but are on Instagram instead – link is on my sidebar!

On Day One at the Salt Lake ComicCon FanX (Fan Experience) we didn’t stay as long as we planned.  We were… unprepared for all the epic awesomeness.  We didn’t bring much money… or water.  Do you know how many vendors are there?  Tons and tons.  I had wanted to sit in on some panels, but we hit the floor to pass some time before an interesting one came about.

We never made it to any panels.

First, the actual Delorean from the Back to the Future franchise. The. Delorean. Nerdgasm! 

It cost major moolah to get your picture taken in the Delorean and it was only there for the one day, so… no luck there, but we were able to get those shots from the outskirts.  It was really impressive!

Speaking of cars, another beauty was there as well.  THE 1966 Batmobile.  Talk about an impressive car.  Perfect condition, well-maintained, and absolutely gorgeous! 

That’s a mannequin, BTW.  It would have been epic if someone had actually been in the Robin suit.  Ha!  I think I figured out my cosplay for the next one!
The kids wanted their face painted, so we let them, of course.  Some very talented ladies in the booth we went to. 
He looks so like Clark Kent right there.  It’s crazy!  My very own Superman.  
The world’s most adorably girly dragon, of course! 
I know it’s hard to look away from those baby-blues, but the face paint is pretty spectacular.
They loved the face painting so much we did it again on Day Two!
Two-Face paint for a creepy look on Day Two.
And, of course, they loved the dragon eye, so they went for two!!
There were all sorts of fun things to do there, both for us and the kiddos.  On Day One we:
Played Superheroes
Held Back Zombies
Hung Out with the T.A.R.D.I.S.
Played with Snakes
(just me – I love love love snakes)
         FF – the snake’s name is Keith
Saw the Beginning of Huge Balloon Sculpture
(more on that later)
and had One Casualty on the Ride Home. 
Overall, a spectacular first day, even if we were only there a few hours!  It will be something we and the kids remember for a lifetime, even if we lose all the pictures.
I will be sharing more pictures in the next post… I’ll try and collage some of them together – there are a lot – so the post won’t be as long.   It will encompass all the incredible people we met and took pictures with – a.k.a. Cosplayers.  Don’t worry if you’re a newb.  I’ll explain everything! Amazingly enough, I never had to change batteries in my camera; not once in all three days!
See you next time!

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