Adventures of a Nerd – Part Two: Cosplay

You’re back!  I’m so happy!  I knew there were more nerds out there in Blogland.
This part of the adventure is going to be covering all the cosplay that we witnessed at SLCC FanX.  What is cosplay, you ask?  Good question!
Cosplay stands for “costume play”.  Basically, it’s like Halloween, but more… specific.  There were so many different genres represented at the convention, it would be difficult to get into all of them, so I’ll just give you the lowdown on the characters pictured.
First up, our video game cosplayers:
Here we have Borderlands… we think.  We know that the one pictured on the left is a “Psycho” from the game.  We found him right out of the gate – right as we walked onto the floor.  We are still unsure of the one pictured on the right, so if you have any clue as to who that represents, I’d be more than happy to hear from you!  We are assuming he’s from a video game, but could be way off.
This next duo is our Halo collection.  On the left we have Master Chief – he’s the main guy from Halo… I don’t know personally, but my boys play it and that’s what they said.  (Don’t shoot the messenger!)  The guy on the right is also a character from Halo, though what his exact purpose is, I’m unsure.  It’s not a game I play, so… sorry! 
These guys I know (the characters, not the people)!  They are all from Mortal Kombat.  On the left we have Sub-Zero, Raiden (so cute!), and Scorpion (complete with contacts – ’cause Scorpion is blind), then on the right, another Scorpion, different style. 
Now we’re kicking it old school.  The blonde with the shield is Link, from the Legend of Zelda series.  There were quite a few of them running around, but this picture is most epic because we caught a two-fer.  On the right with the crazy hair is Sora.  He’s the main playable character from Kingdom Hearts.  You can’t see it in the picture, but the guy had a Keyblade he was carrying around!  Very cool – if you’re a nerd…
Next, the Graphic Novel players:
If you like action movies and aren’t afraid of a little graphic violence, then Kick-Ass is a movie you’ll want to check out… if you haven’t yet, of course!  There were a few Kick-Asses and Hit Girls running around, but we didn’t catch any until Day Three.  So, the guy in green is homemade superhero Kick-Ass and his “sidekick” (who does all the hard stuff) Hit Girl! 
Oh. My. Gosh.  This next picture took FOREVER to upload!  I have no idea why.  Talk about testing my (non-existent) patience!
So, some – if not all – of these you will recognize.  The large picture is Joker.  By far the best one we saw there.  His makeup was so good!  It totally freaked me out the first time he talked.
From top to bottom we have Green Lantern and Loki (a woman – it was awesome!), then another picture of Green Lantern and Loki, with a Steampunk version of Green Lantern on the left.
Next we encountered a family all dressed as X-Men: Cyclops, GambitStorm, Jubilee, and Rogue.
Then – Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na naBATMAN!
Last, but certainly not least – Iron Man!
Wow!  I know, it’s a lot to take in, but there are just a few more I’d like to share.
Okay, so I have a few more collages left, so I’ll try and keep it quick!
Okay, maybe not that quick.  I wanted to tell you about the Slenderman (pictured on the left).  I had heard the name Slenderman before… after all, I have boys and boys tend to watch strange things on YouTube and hear all the creepy details.  Slenderman is a… humanoid figure who seems to be a harbinger of death.  Reports on the matter are varied and there seems to be no definitive answer as to what – or who – Slenderman is, only that he has no discernible face, is extremely tall, and wears a business suit.  I love this picture even more now that I know the myth behind the man… it was taken right as he began to move, giving him that blurred appearance.  Creepy!
Now, onward.  Since it was Easter weekend, it seemed only fitting that I add not one, but two creepy bunnies to the mix.  The white one was acting on behalf of a horror skit booth in the vendors area.  The gray one is Frank, from Donnie Darko.  If you haven’t watched Donnie Darko, I recommend it.  It’s mind-bending and horribly awesome!
Next set: calling all Whovians!  Dr. Who is in the house!  Actually, the only picture I have of someone dressed as The Doctor is on my Instagram.  You’ll just have to head on over there to see it.  I did get these shots, though.  On the floor they had a full-size T.A.R.D.I.S. and a smaller one in the KidCon area.  We obviously chose the full-size.  The the Dalek on the right – a homemade costume representing an act from a comedy troupe called The Laughing Stock in Salt Lake City.  The do spoofs and improv. 
Next, we have the beautiful women representing nerd girls everywhere.
Going clockwise we have: Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros., the Voodoo Pearl Mermaids, professional cosplayer as Poison Ivy, another professional cosplayer as Harley Quinn (both characters from Batman), Mystique from X-Men (that’s all body paint and latex!), Daenerys Stormborn from Game of Thrones, and Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games series.
Aren’t they fantastic? 
And what is a nerd convention without Star Wars!?  If you don’t know who most of these are, I’m sorry.  You are not nerd enough and I can not help you.  Move along.  Ha!
Of course TBG had to get a picture with Chewy, his second favorite SW character (I’ll bet you’ll never guess the first!).  Later we found another Chewy with a Stormtrooper and rebel pilot wearing bunny ears.  Too funny!!  (BTW – I switched to counter-clockwise – oops)  Next was the Mandalorians (aka: Boba Fett and crew).
These are the droids we were looking for!  C3P0 was a cosplayer, but R2D2 was remote controlled.  There were two roaming around, but this one was the most authentic, complete with battle scars and beep-boop noises.
Lastly, a TIE fighter (pilot) holding a gun to LS‘s head.  The Dark Side… what are you going to do?
I had these in a collage, but for some reason, it’s not uploading, so you get all four.
(B is actually worried here – the finger cuffs were frighteningly realistic)
Salt Lake City Ghostbusters!
(I told them all to look scared – obviously Mr. Handsome on the right doesn’t take direction well) 
Ah yes.  Success!  Now I’m off to daydream about a wreath I want to make… and do some research.
Don’t forget this last Friday of the month, a new collaborative post is coming: Funny Friday!  I hope to see you all there… or I’ll send the Nazgûl after you… my precious.

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