Adventures of a Nerd – Part Three: Fame

Okay guys and gals.  This is the most important Part.  The special guests, the famous people, the ones you go to see but can’t afford to get close to… Yeah.  I’m talking going full on fangirl.

Let’s face it.  ComicCon events are full of fangirls and fanboys.  There is something about celebrity combined with all the things nerds love that bring out the crazy fanatic in people.

Salt Lake ComicCon FanX was no exception… especially not me.  I didn’t see all the people I wanted to and I’ll admit to doing sneaky things to get a couple of my pictures, but it was so fun.  Each picture has a story… but I’ll keep each under 1000 words.

I’m just going to assume you have all seen Star Wars at some point… not just the original three, but all six.  I hope I’m right, otherwise this first picture won’t mean that much to you:

Daniel Logan, everybody.  He’s best known as playing the young Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.  I snapped this candid picture (on the right) while we were standing in line to get… THIS man’s autograph:

Oh. Em. Geez!  It’s the original Boba Fett – Jeremy Bulloch!!  He was/is the infamous bounty hunter who captured Han Solo (my main man – Harrison Ford), resulting in Solo being frozen in carbonite.  The character of Boba Fett is hit by Solo in the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon, causing his jet pack to malfunction and he falls into the Sarlacc pit.  So: battle – malfunction – falls into giant space worm.  He is presumed dead, but those rumors have yet to be substantiated.

Mr. Bulloch is a really cool guy.  And he’s British – you don’t really get that when he’s the Fett.  TBG was getting his autograph when I snapped this picture (with his permission).

At that point, I’m sure we all could have died and gone to Nerdvana, but there was more.  I have to go back in time for a moment, then return to this point for the story to make sense.

Meet Jayne… I mean, Adam Baldwin:



Let’s just take a moment (or two) to look into those beautiful blues and bask in the glow of that heart-melting smile.  He’s so shiny.  Okay.  Let’s not make his wife jealous…

For me, he is best known as Jayne Cobb from the short-lived, but totally epic series Firefly, along with its follow-up movie Serenity.  He’s had parts on tons of TV series, including Castle with Firefly co-star Nathan Fillion and was also in the movie Independence Day, along with so many more.

If you know of his character Jayne, then you would be surprised to find how soft-spoken this man is.  When I met him, I had all three kiddos and he introduced himself and shook hands with all of them before landing on me.  I was graced with a personalized autograph picture (with a special message) and he let me take this extreme close up.  I thought I was going to die!

Remember Nerdvana?  We’re not even close…

Now, to go back in time to the autograph with Jeremy Bulloch.

While we were waiting in line for Boba Fett’s autograph, we were literally feet away from where Nathan Fillion’s massive line were waiting for his arrival.  So close, and yet so far.  I’m guessing since he was one of the major stars attending FanX, security was enforcing a “no candid picture” rule.  Boo!

But does that stop me?


Oh Captain, my Captain!  You don’t even know what it took to get this picture… and it’s the one that I’m most proud of because of all that.  Remember the security I was talking about?  They were stopping anyone who even pointed a phone or camera in the general direction of Mr. Fillion.  I got caught trying enough times they were watching me… watching me!  So I had to walk away… for a minute or two.

With a stroke of luck, a couple friends of ours, along with their kids, showed up as we were finishing with Boba Fett… and let’s just say our male friend is a huge Star Wars fan – his eldest son’s middle name is Anakin.  Just saying.  His girlfriend is, too, but… anyway.  So, of course, we told them Boba Fett was doing a free meet-and-greet and decided to accompany them.  There were a couple people in front of our group and a couple of guys behind, so I was trying to use all the people as a human shield.

Finally!  A break in security!  I grabbed my camera, brought it up quick… it wouldn’t focus, wouldn’t focus… the security are starting to turn around… *click*.  Success!  It’s not the greatest picture, but by God, I got it!  To get his autograph is was $70, with photo ops ranging from that up to $100.  Mine was free.  Oh yeah.

Now I will forever have this illegal contraband picture of the star of Firefly and Castle.

On Day Two we sat in on a couple panels related to Stephen King, partially because our feet hurt and we wanted to sit down, but mainly because I’m obsessed with King.  I collect his books and am an avid reader.  I’m very proud of my collection, even if it is small compared to some.

That’s not the point.  The point is that I wanted to meet Mick Garris.  He’s a writer, producer, director, and actor, delving deep into the horror genre.  He is the creator of two TV series: Fear Itself (2008-2009) and Masters of Horror (2005-2007), wrote the screenplay from Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet, produced King’s movie adaptations of Desperation, the mini-series Bag of Bones and The Stand (celebrating 20 years this year!), directed everything from episodes of Ravenswood, Pretty Little Liars, and The Shining (series) to many of the movies I’ve listed.  Plus, he’s written a couple books – one of which is called Development Hell.  He says he tends to judge people solely on how they react to that novel.

Squee!  That’s me… Mick Garris has his arm around me!  Nerdvana achieved!

To round everything off with a (literal) run-in with a star, TBG almost knocked over Edward James Olmos on his way out of the men’s room.  To hear TBG tell it, Olmos’ eyes got very large when he beheld the large size of my beloved.  TBG apologized, of course, thus ending this brush with a star.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our adventure!  There may be more adventures in the future (like, September) when the actual Salt Lake ComicCon takes place.  Shiny!


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