Harvest Wreath {tutorial}

Gobble Gobble, y’all!

This month we’re talking turkey.  Okay, not literally, but the Blog with Friends group is bringing you some awesome projects and recipes to make this Autumn amazing!

Also, at the end of the post, there is a linky that is open for y’all to share your projects.  We can’t wait to see them!

Starting off, my project: 

1 skein brown yarn
1 giant burlap bow (or other statement piece)
1 turkey/harvest figurine, light weight and flat bottom
Autumn leaves in varying colors
twine or extra yarn
Hot glue/gun


I try (that’s the operative word – try) to go into the craft store with a plan.  I had the brown yarn on hand from last year’s idea, which was never attempted – that was the plan, going into the store, to make last year’s idea – which was a turkey wreath.  Maybe next year.
I started this one like my Nevermore Wreathtied the yarn around the wreath and knotted it, then added a dab of hot glue to keep it still.  And, like the last one, I kept it neat, but loose, then went around a second time to add texture and cover any gaps in the first layer.
Take the twine/extra yarn and snip it to a decent length.  You’ll be using it to hang the wreath, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding the length.  Tie the two ends together, position the loop at the top of the wreath, then loop one end through, essentially creating a slipknot, for hanging.
I’m all about the statement piece.  When I couldn’t find a piece from the idea in my head, I came across this gorgeous burlap bow.  Light bulb!  I wasn’t leaving the store without it.
After tying the twine to the wreath (and using a little hot glue for assurance), I had the place to put the bow – you know, to cover the hanger.  Since I didn’t have to tie the bow (it came that way), I was able to use hot glue and some pressure to secure the bow to the wreath.
Directly under the bow and as close to center as I could make it (I’m not perfect – I know, it’s a shock!), I glued on my other “statement” piece.  As it is much smaller than the bow, I can’t really call it that, but… c’mon.  It’s a little turkey in a hat!  It’s a… minor statement.  
Yeah.  We’ll go with that.
I actually found this little guy at Savers when we were looking at Halloween costumes.  Just sitting near the register, waiting for someone to snatch him up.  It was me!  Adorable.
With the bow and turkey in place, I realized it needed a little something extra.  And who can deny themselves a little sparkle, especially around the holidays?  TBG actually found these amazing leaves.  I had some picked out, but I was totally settling.  The ones he found were just the pop of color and shimmer I needed!  Plus, it was after Halloween, so all harvest items were 50% off.
I sorted through the bag and found two of each leaf color and size to use, arranged them (without glue) on the wreath so I could assess their symmetry, then put a dot of hot glue under each leaf by lifting up one side, then applying pressure to make sure it stuck. 
Careful – the glue will still be hot, even through the fabric of the leaves. 
Gorgeous, dah-ling.  Simply gorgeous!  Now, onward and upward, my preciousssssess.
Stacy brought us this Fun and Reversible Table Decor for your Thanksgiving table:
Karen made this delicious Fried Walnut-Crusted Spice Cake with Caramel Sauce.  Yum! 
The always amazing Shellybean is putting the thanks in Thanksgiving with a Thankful Tree:
Check out Melissa’s terrific Tech Tips for Turkey Day:
Wait until you see Lydia’s Kid Friendly (and Fancy) Thanksgiving!
And Christy brought us DIY Thanksgiving Textured Leaf Cards to do with the kids:
Gobble ’til you Wobble, precioussssses!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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