DIY Charmed Globe Necklace + Link Up!

Is it cold where you are?  We literally had a white Christmas here in Northern Utah.  Did not snow all season until Christmas Day.

What better time for the Brrrrr Brigade to bring you a bunch of projects to warm you up!  Read on, then visit my friends.  Or you can stay and we’ll snuggle!  Your call.
My project may not seem like it will warm you up, but it sure got my blood boiling during the creation process.  I should start a series called My Misadventures in Craft-Making.  No, seriously – I could.  Would, except I’m holding out hope for the next one going as planned.  Should-ah, could-ah, would-ah.
Pfft.  Where’s the fun in that?  Planning is over-rated.  As they say: the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
The idea began over at Flamingo Toes.  You can see the intended project here.
One would think, during the lengthy span of Christmas commercialism, a bottle brush tree of any height would be easy to find.  Apparently not, in my case.  So I adapted… somewhat successfully.
Here’s what I used (per necklace):
  • 1 Small Clear Glass Globe necklace kit (like this one)
  • 1 Sterling silver letter charm (found at Michaels – in store)
  • E6000 Craft Adhesive – the craft equivalent of super glue
  • Needle-Nose pliers (or an equivalent)
  • a disposable wooden skewer (like the ones for shish kabobs)

You may be asking yourself, why Sterling silver when the rest is an Antique Bronze finish?
Because they didn’t have bronze letter charms at the store, that’s why!  Well, they might have, but sometimes you just want to get in, get out, and get on your way – like I did.  By the time I landed on these charms, I had exhausted all options in my area.
I mean, they say that size doesn’t matter, but when you’re looking for something that is less than an inch in total height, I beg to differ.  It is surprisingly difficult to find things that small.

Notice the glitter in this picture?  Notice how it’s not on the list of items needed?  There’s a reason.

The plan was snow globes.  I had the snow and the globes, but they did not want to cooperate.  While I found these little globes capable of holding water, the glitter clumped and the glue weakened.  Fail.

*sad face*

Using the skewer (because that’s the only way I know of to get the glue in there), put a dab of E6000 centered at the top, inside the globe.  You will also want to put a dab on the top of the charm – whichever part is going to be attached to the top.  I recommend doing that after you’ve positioned the charm in the pliers, otherwise it could get messy.
If you read the directions on E6000, it recommends having glue on both items being glued together.  Then set your timer, because they also recommend waiting two minutes of letting it cure before attempting the union.  I can say from personal experience that this is mandatory;  I couldn’t get things to stay stuck otherwise!
For best results with E6000, allow 24 hours for the glue to cure entirely.  If things don’t go as planned, I cleaned the globes out with a simple disinfecting wipe and dried with a paper towel before attempting again.
Also, I had to re-stick both charms at least twice.  If ‘mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom’*, I should be brilliant by now!
After attaching the connector loop (that’s the longer one) to the cap and loop (that’s what’s on top of the globe), I put a little glue centered on top of the globe and inside the cap.  Wait the recommended 2 minutes, allow to cure 24 hours, then attach the necklace.
Using the skewer again, dab glue around the inside of the base, then insert the globe.  Here is the only time I didn’t add glue to both items.  Again, 24 hours.  Wipe away any blood, sweat, and tears, then…
Voilà!  Charmed Globe necklace and you did it yourself.  Wearable art = awesome!!  
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Stay warm, friends! And don’t forget to link up!
*quote by Phyllis Theroux

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