Be Still My Geeky Heart!

“A lot of nerds aren’t aware they’re nerds.  A geek has thrown up his hands to the universe and gone – ‘I speak Klingon – who am I fooling?  You win!  I’m just gonna openly like what I like.’ Geeks tend to be a little happier with themselves.”

-Patton Oswalt

It is no secret that I am a geek.  But what does that mean, exactly?

I always had above average intelligence, despite the lowering of my IQ every time I have surgery.  I’m not a genius – not even close.  I know that I will never compete with the likes of Einstein, Edison, or Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  But I am smart – smart enough to know my mental limitations.

As for obsession, that’s a given – obsessed over really cool stuff.  What is “really cool stuff”?  Depends on the person.  Someone who loves, fixes, and builds computers = a computer geek; a person who loves fashion, creates styles, follows designers religiously = fashion geek.  We fit into many molds, not just a single generic one.  My obsessions are broad and ever changing: books, movies, authors, actors, graphic novels and their characters; the list goes on.

For me, I am grateful I do not fall into the category of social ineptitude.  Oh, I’m an introvert, definitely more comfortable with a night in than a night out, but I have friends.  All my life I had friends.  Not many and I’m okay with that.  Having close friends I can trust and who love me for me is better than a bunch who ignore me, talk behind my back, and/or laugh at my quirks rather than embrace them.

So I am geek and proud, but why am I telling you this?

Precioussssses.  It is the name I landed on to refer to you, my friends, fans, and followers, and for very good reason.  I love Tolkien.  His books and their subsequent movies are better than pure gold to me.

Recently my parents took a trip to New Zealand.  This is important because the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies were filmed there!  Squeeeee!  For a few weeks, I lived vicariously through their adventures in the beautiful country, since it is unlikely I will ever visit myself.

During their spotty satellite connections, they would e-mail me and my brothers, keeping us apprised with a picture tour of their days.  Being me, I immediately asked if Hobbiton was on the tour itinerary – I was insistent.  It may very well be the closest I get to sacred nerdvana that is Middle Earth.  Although I suspect, when I first asked, they had no idea to what I was referring, they were diligent with their follow-through.

Here are all the awesome pictures my amazing parents took to still my geeky heart on their adventure:

The entrance:

The set:

Gandalf, forever immortalized:

The Chair of the Goblin King:


Thus ends the tour of the museum.  The rest were taken at the airport… the AIRPORT!!

This one is self-explanatory:

Smaug, sticking his head out of the wall:

And an abundance of Gollum (aka: Smeagol – the reason I call you all precioussssses):

All taken for me, because my parents embrace my geekdom like all parents should.

I’m passing on my geek to my kids.  Are you?


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