Faux Terrarium Earrings {tutorial}

Most of us still have snow, but have you caught it yet??

No, not Ebola or the flu.  Spring Fever!
If you haven’t, we’re bringing it to you early.  Forget the snow and get ready for Spring to spring!
See what I have for you, then go see the awesome projects from my friends!
I planned on doing living terrarium earrings, but “living” means upkeep and those corks would not stay on with all the extra weight, so they would not be living for long.  So I compromised and did fake ones!


For this project I used:
  • mini cork bottles with eyelets (these can be found in the jewelry section of your local craft store and also come in different shapes, like hearts and stars)
  • beads
  • beading wire – I used a 7 Strand 0.46mm from Beadalon, also in the jewelry section
  • crimp tubes – these are slightly larger than the crimp beads (which isn’t saying much)
  • crimping pliers
  • wire cutters
  • silver hook earwires
  • sand
  • glitter
  • fake flowers – size these to your bottles
  • e6000 – to adhere the cork into the bottle when you’re done

Seriously, how cute are those!?  Tweezers will help when placing the flowers later, but not necessary.  Honestly I just used the ones I use on my eyebrows.  No tool left behind… or whatever.

Plus, those cork bottles are adorable!  I love how tiny they are, even if it makes them harder to work with.

I had glitter left from my failed attempt to add it to the snow globe necklaces (here) and the tubes came with this handy funnel, which fit perfectly into the top of the cork bottles.  I added silver, gold, and white glitter to the bulk sand, then funneled it in.

Not too much or you won’t have room for the flowers.

You can see the difference from the above picture to the one below – I dumped some of the sand out.  Those bottles fill up fast!

I didn’t get a picture of my attempts to shove the flowers into the bottle.  My only advice it keep trying and use those tweezers.  Hopefully your flowers will fit better than mine did!

Now for the hard part.  If you have trouble seeing tiny things, I suggest picking up a pair of hands-free magnifiers.  I needed them – BAD – but I got through it.  I hope my labeled picture helps.

Once you loop the wire through the crimping tube and cinch it up to where you want it, you’ll want to get the wire to be parallel, not crossed over itself, like in my picture below, before you use the crimping pliers.

Unless your eyelets have a gap like this earwire, you’ll need the loop to encompass the eyelet before you cinch and crimp.

See how the inner hole looks  like a heart?  The point should be in between the sides of the lopped wire before you squeeze.

For the second step, you will want to flip the crimped tube so the flat parts are on the top and bottom.  This will ensure a tight fit once you squeeze – it seals the wires in.  Use the roundish hole for this step.

You can then use wire cutters to cut away the excess side or string it into your beads, which is the next step.

Since this is a Spring project, I want to add a little green to my project and these beads were perfect.  Obviously you can use whichever beads catch your eye.  Keep in mind the size of the hole – beads with larger inner holes will need a thicker wire.

I measured the total length I wanted the earrings to be and counted out how many beads I would need to create it, which turned out to be the perfect number: 5.  Stringing beads is as easy as threading a needle… actually, easier.  I didn’t feel the need for magnifiers during this step!

Repeat the crimp tube loop on the other end, not forgetting to loop through the eyelet.  Remove the excess with wire cutters.

After that, you’re pretty much done!  Use a wooden skewer to swipe the E6000 around the outside of the cork before inserting.  Allow the project to rest before attempting to wear them or the cork may come out – at least until the glue sets.

These finished earrings are approximately 3.5 inches long.

Now spring on over and see the other projects!

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Betcha caught it now!



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