Beaded Barefoot Sandals

Welcome to another Blog with Friends collaborative, precioussssses!  In case you’re new, a bunch of us got together and wanted to create a themed monthly post.  It’s pretty awesome.   If you are interested in participating in all the fun, message me on any Social Media and I’ll give you the deets!
If you couldn’t already guess, this month we’re celebrating flowers!
In a recent post I mentioned finding a new bead shop in my area, which I’m really excited about.  The lady who owns it also holds how-to classes.  On our (yes, I said our – my husband is reason in my chaos) first trip there, she was planning a class on how to make barefoot sandals.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, but it did spark an idea…
…so I went home and did some research.  I found this tutorial on YouTube and thought it looked easy enough.  Yeah… maybe if I wasn’t overly ambitious and started simple, I’d still have all my wits and brain cells.  Maybe if I’d just followed directions.  Ha!  Obviously this isn’t my style, so this… this is the hard way.
I did, however, show my daughter how to do make these (like in the video) and she was beading right along with me… the first run, anyway.

She had so much fun, but I think she wants to remake them.  It’s funny how one bead can throw the whole thing off…

…not that it happened to me, or anything.  I’m a “professional”.  *looks at the ceiling*  Totally.

Quesadilla did amazing!  Not only are her sandals adorable, but she finished both on the first day.  Showed me up, that’s for sure.
She didn’t have to remake them over, like I did.  Twice.  Actually, I re-beaded the first fail at least three times.  The finished product was too big!

The second fail I beaded twice.  It would have been once, but when you are trying to bead during the wee hours of the morning, after hours of getting to that final piece, things can go wrong.  Oh so wrong.

Like me, giving the finished product one last fitting before closing it off and having it get caught on my fat foot, springing free all my hard work onto the kitchen floor.  I spent the next hour scouring the floor for tiny beads; silver ones, white ones, even clear ones eluded me… until I turned off the lights and used a flashlight.  I found every single one, then went to bed.  I was sooooo done.

When I finished this one, it was too small… or too stretchy.  Arrrgh.  It was like Goldilocks!  I had to rethink the whole thing, but I was determined – this project was not going to defeat me.

On measurements for your cord: I used Stretch Magic 0.5 mm, to fit the pearls I used around the toe.  If you remember the Butterfly Set, pearls will require a smaller gauge cord… wire… whatever you’re using.

Measure around your… index toe?  Yeah, that one.  Keep in mind, as your measuring, the loop will create a double strand, so you won’t want to use pearls up the foot and you’ll want to take into account the pinch that brings the two sides together.  I used a silver ridged flower bead for the transition.

From the pinch, measure up to the top of your foot.  I wear a size 9 in shoe US Women and my measurement was approximately 5 and 1/2 inches.  I found these awesome copper-plated diamonds, which were perfect for the native tribal theme I was going for.

Pearls.  Every girl should have pearls, even if they are on her feet.

So, you’ll single thread the toe, double thread up the foot, then single thread around your ankle, which means separating the cord at the top of the foot.

These are my pearls… I mean, my toe ring.

Since the flower element I picked was an antique silver and turquoise, I kept with the silver theme with my other beads.

This is the detail on the ridged flower.  I’ll be honest: they weren’t my choice, but if you fail, like I did (twice), and you are pulling your hair out at home while on the phone with your ever-so-patient husband, who is at the craft store, which is sold out of your original choice (which I already bought), take what you can get.

I will also say that I don’t totally hate them, so all is well that ends well!

This was the plain flower I walked out of the store with, not knowing I did not buy enough.  Still cute, still silver.

I also used silver bells and these amazing silver leaves I found when I was out looking for clasps.

Like with my Nature Beaded Bracelet (which, incidentally is my favorite accessory), I chose a feature bead with a double backing.  I believe this is the reason I had so much trouble getting it right.  Due to the nature of the beads, I needed to wear the anklet up higher, which doesn’t leave much room for a natural drape.

Closing this the way I did the bracelet was also not going to work.  Having used stretchy cord, the anklet was easily stretched out during the process of getting it over my foot.

So I went and got a couple copper-plated slide lock clasps.  Done and done.  Finally!

If you are looking for something fun and easy to do at home, I recommend you follow the video I linked to.  I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be.

That’s it for me, my preciousssss flowers!  Check out what comes next:
Stacy has a May Flowers Table Runner sewing tutorial, which, if you make, I’ll be really jealous!

And these cuties are Flour Flowers from the ever talented Karen!  Do I see royal icing?  Yum!

Happy Spring!


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