A Family Tree for Every Season

Gather ’round, my precioussssses.  It’s Family time!


Once again I found myself frantic, trying to throw together a project I should have done weeks ago.  Luckily, I work well under pressure and, despite various crafting roadblocks, I settled on an idea.
Roadblocks, you ask?  Yes.  I was a day too early for one season and days too late for another.  Because Christmas.  The craft store was in the midst of the Christmas overhaul and Harvest was going extinct.

Create a template of a paper person, one to represent each member of your family or however you want to work it.  (This, besides picking out paper, was the most difficult part.  You can print one off the internet – the male and female restroom symbols are the general style I was going for.)
I could not find one I liked, so I created one from scratch using a shot glass for the head and working out the angles with a ruler to give the paper person arms, legs, and a skirt (for the girls).  A single female-style template is all you need, since the male counterpart is a simple matter of removing the skirt.
I used white card stock close to the size of the frame I was going to use.  In this case, a 4.5 inch by 6.5 inch card stock.  You can make the template out of anything you want, but using the card stock was convenient for me, so I went with it.
Once you have the template, trace it onto whatever color card stock you want to use as the border.  Since my color palette this month was dark reds, browns, and golds, I stuck with white.  After tracing, you will cut it out to create negative space.
To clear it up:
  1. Cut out the template, as shown above.  
  2. Trace onto fresh card stock.  
  3. Begin your cut from the inside of the trace, leaving the paper corners intact.


After all that, it is easy peasy.
  1. Cut your scrapbook paper to the size of your frame.  
  2. Place cutout paper over the top, so the patterns show through the negative space.
  3. Add to the frame.
  4. Hang on the wall with pride.



As long as you do not have to glue the papers together, you can change the background to coincide with the seasons.
It was exactly what I was going for – a highly customized family tree for every season.  Or you can always find the one you like the best and make it permanent!


With my family, now it is sharing time:
Something yummy for the table – Fall Harvest Stuffing from Karen:
Ever wonder How to Survive Holiday Season?  Melissa has a few ideas:

Stitch your way into their hearts with a Pumpkin Family Display from Rabia:

Lydia has Tips for Staying in Touch with Family via Periscope.tv:

Family isn’t just about blood.  Sometimes it’s the family you make.  Family is forever!


6 thoughts on “A Family Tree for Every Season

  1. Those are so cute!! You could even do it by letting each kid draw their own outline and cut it out. Then you could do new outlines every year to see the growth in their drawing skills!

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