Easy Beginners Crocheted Head Warmer

For the record, I have never crocheted anything in my life… EVER, before these past couple weeks.  So this post was more trial and error, emphasis on the error – though I pulled it off in the end.  Yay!

A few lessons were learned during the process though, and I am more than happy to share them with you.

Lesson One: Even if you work with your hands, but especially if you do not, learning to crochet hurts… a lot.  It is completely normal, since your hands are not used to being in the position.  I have heard this gets better and eventually it becomes a relaxing pastime, but I have not reached that stage yet.  When does that happen?

Lesson Two:  As with the building of Rome, one cannot learn to crochet in a day… or a week, despite my insistence on doing so.

Lesson Three (and the most important one): Not all yarns are created equal and most are not interchangeable between projects.  Do your research (unlike me) BEFORE you go to the craft store.  I am totally serious!  The Big Guy had to take me to the store four days in a row – no, I am not kidding.

As these patterns are not mine, I will be sharing the links with you.

Start with these:

Learning the Basics video tutorial (set) – The Crochet Guru has great beginner tutorials for all the basic stitches.  She takes it slow and the videos aren’t very long, so you can watch over and over until you get it.  If you go to her YouTube page and scroll down, she also has beginner lessons for you southpaws.

(left: slipknot; right: beginning chain stitch)

How to Read a Crochet Pattern – if you have never crocheted before, this is a great rundown of the abbreviations used for the different types of stitches.

Let’s get started:

For the Band:

  • K size crochet hook (because I crochet tighter); this size is also known as 10.5 or 6.5 mm (or use the size recommended in the video below.)
  • Loops and Threads® Soft and Shiny in Cream
  • 1 18 mm acrylic pearl bead, white

Head Warmer video tutorial – this is the tutorial I used for the headband part of this project.  I did some things different, so I will address it*.

(left: 11 rows in, tapered increase; right: finished band)

*the video will state 22 rows for the main band is enough.  I needed a bit more – as in a total of 50 or so – which fit Quesadilla‘s head, not mine.  You will want to measure or stitch and check.  Do not forget to consider the length of the tapering increase and decrease in your final measurements.

(left: band and pearl; right: pearl “button” attached)

*In case you did not notice, I didn’t use a button.  I planned to, even bought it.  It was too big for the buttonhole, so I used a pearl bead, which I already had on hand for the flower.

Two-Sided 3D Flower video tutorial – this tutorial is a bit more complex for a beginner.  I skipped the second color round (for my own sanity) and have a little note to help you understand it, since it does not have an actual written pattern, plus a few other tidbits**.

For the Flower:

  • F size crochet hook (for the thicker yarn); this size is also known as 5 or 3.75 mm
  • I Love This Yarn® Super Soft in Soft Blue
(left: before attachment; right: after attachment)

**In the video, the 11 chain stitch are referred to as a picot.  Yes, it is a crochet term; no, I did not know that beforehand.  Do not let it throw you off.

**If you have more experience than I and would like to make the flower with the correct yarn, it is Bernat® Vickie Howell Cotton(ish) or an equivalent.

**To compensate for the thicker yarn, I had to increase the number on my initial chain from 8 to 12.

**When filling out the petals, the instructions were a little confusing (to me), so I want to clarify.  It’s 1 single crochet in the chain, 1 half-double crochet in the next chain, 3 double crochet in the next 3 chains, then 3 double crochet in 1 (the top) chain.  Reverse pattern on downward side of petal – 3 double crochet in next three chains, 1 half-double crochet in next chain, and 1 single crochet in the bottom chain.

Here’s what the back looks like on and I would like to thank my beautiful model, Quesadilla:



Cuddle up and find warmth with more projects from my friends:

Warm your imagination with 10 Romantic Movies and Books (from Melissa), when it’s cold outside:

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Stay warm out there!


8 thoughts on “Easy Beginners Crocheted Head Warmer

  1. Thanks!

    I received a gift card for Christmas, so I said: hey, I'm going to learn to crochet or knit! Then asked The Big Guy which I should do. He said: whichever is easiest, which I'm guessing is crochet. So that's what I learned!

    I'm sure as a knitter you may disagree, but one day I'll learn that and compare. 😉

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