Vassa in the Night – A Review

Title: Vassa in the Night

Author: Sarah Porter

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, YA fiction

Summary: Night is creeping in and the working class neighborhoods in the city of Brooklyn are full of magic. Young Vassa and her talking doll are about to face off with a strange and monstrous evil. Will Vassa and Night find peace again?

Released: September 2016 / Read: December 2016

About the Author: [I write] stories that seem to me to be quite true enough for all practical purposes. Among them are VASSA IN THE NIGHT, THE LOST VOICES TRILOGY, and the forthcoming WHEN I CAST YOUR SHADOW and TENTACLE AND WING. … [I live] in Brooklyn, land of mystery, with [my] husband Todd and [our] two cats, Jub Jub and Delphine. (from her bio here)

First Impression: Um … what?

*Before starting this book, I recommend you familiarize yourself with the Russian fairy tale Vasalisa the Beautiful. The story may make a bit more sense.*

Nights are getting longer in Brooklyn and it has nothing to do with the seasons. Vassa doesn’t know it, but she – along with her magical talking doll Erg – is about enter a fight of a lifetime against insurmountable odds. Will she prevail or will Night take over completely?

It’s weird; definitely fantastical, but mostly just overwhelmingly strange. The writing is frenetic and a bit disjointed, so it was hard to follow. Most times I understood the doll better than the narrator, though that’s not saying much. I would have enjoyed it more if the story had better flow and I wasn’t constantly trying to figure out what was going on.

I understand, with the genre it’s in, things within the story are going to be extraordinary – unlike anything else. Unfortunately I feel this went so far into bizarre territory I couldn’t enjoy the more subtle nuances of the retelling. I was too busy raising eyebrows or laughing at the ridiculousness of everything.

I don’t want to say I didn’t like it however, so … I didn’t not like it. This one was simply not the right fit for me. It’s not a story you’re going to forget anytime soon though! It leaves a lasting impression, for sure.

Final Thoughts: I am 99.9% sure I wouldn’t have picked this one up on my own, but I don’t regret reading it. Thanks to Owlcrate I was able to!

Star Rating:


Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way for this review and all opinions contained herein are my own and in no way reflect the ideas or opinions of people or sites I may reference.  This is intended for entertainment purposes only.


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