Owlcrate: Epic (December)


I absolutely love the fact they have started adding buttons in every box!

With 2016 having come to a close, I can honestly say it’s been a great year for books (though between you and me, 2017 is going to be even better)!

As a subscriber, I received an email from Owlcrate which included the summation of the past year’s boxes and it’s been one hell of a ride. After seeing highlights of all the books Korrina, Robert, and the Owlcrate team have sent us, I think you’d agree there were some great reads.

The theme for December 2016 was EPIC. Here is my full unboxing!

By now I’m sure it’s no secret: I am a Potterhead. Add that to my addiction to collecting Funkos and you’ll have the sum of this photo.

Mystery Minis by Funko were the name of the game this month – a surprise box inside a surprise box! What could be more fun!? Mini Voldy joined the family, followed shortly after (purchased with my own monies) by the trio in the background. Four mysteries and four different characters = lucky. And honestly, can you hate that face? It’s too cute, even if he’s evil!


An enamel pin!? So spoiled. And since I’m also a hobbit, this addition to my growing collection is perfection thanks to designer Jane Mount. (Instagram:@jane_mount / shop: Ideal Bookshelf).

*LEGO figures not included

These house-emblem coasters from Dark Horse Comics are amazeballs. They go perfect with my set of emblem magnets, which are on my fridge. If you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, what are you waiting for!? For those of you awesome people who are already on this fantasy train, declare your house allegiance in the comments below! (Instagram:@darkhorsecomics / shop: Dark Horse Comics)

Spoiler Alert: I’m House Starkaryen. GRRM needs to hurry the fuck up because Winter has been coming for years now, but we have yet to see it … and by that I mean the sixth novel of the series: Winds of Winter. At this rate, by the time it’s released we’ll all be White Walkers, including George.

*Daenerys Targaryen Funko not included

This gorgeous greeting card features the artwork of Susanne Heil. The path to Narnia is beautifully rendered and sure to delight (but maybe not Turkish Delight…)! (Instagram:@susanne_draws / shop: Susanne Draws)

Miss Phi creates a word art sticker with this quote from A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. It’s a series I have been meaning to read, but haven’t got around to yet. The final book is set to release next month (February)! Are you excited? (Instagram:@missphi / shop: Miss Phi)

And finally, the book: Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst. This is her debut novel! To be honest, I haven’t heard much about this book. All I know is it fits in the fantasy, romance, and LGBTQ sub-genres of YA fiction. Seems interesting enough so I’m sure there will be a review at some point!

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