Discussion: Siege and Storm – Part Two #thegrishareadalong

If you have not read Shadow and Bone or Siege and Storm, be aware: SPOILERS AHEAD!


Welcome to the conclusion of Siege and Storm – the final discussion. My apologies for posting later than anticipated. It was meant to post last week, but somehow I lost track of the post on Instagram. Fortunately I found it again!

This month (February), Amanda and MC are again hosting a readalong for book three: Ruin and Rising, the third book of the Grisha trilogy. The first discussion will take place on Instagram this Saturday, February 11 on Amanda’s feed here and will be covering chapters one through the end of nine. Feel free to join us, then stop by here for a more in-depth conversation regarding my thoughts.

As always, I love to hear what you have to say so share your voice in the comments!

What do you think of the new badass Alina? Do you think she can save Ravka?

There was so much growth with Alina in this book. I feel she’s finally accepted her power fully and is ready to make the necessary steps forward to help her country and end the Darkling once and for all.

As for the second part of the question … I’m not allowed to answer that. Sorry. #spoileralert

What was your favorite/more surprising moment?

I could not BELIEVE Vasily did what he did. I mean, seriously!? How insecure he must have felt to go so far to try and outwit Nikolai. It’s pathetic and ended up screwing everyone and literally killing hundreds, maybe thousands of people! At least he got what he deserved … actually, he got better than he deserved, but that was probably one of my favorite parts.

I also could not believe Alina was at a point where she was ready to give her life to end the Darkling. Bold move, Sankta Alina. Standing ovation for effort. xopoшo (khorosho)! Too bad the zealots ruined your moment … except then we wouldn’t have the third book to look forward to. 

I was less surprised on the twins true intentions … okay, maybe I was little surprised. Something never seemed quite right about their blind devotion to protect Alina, especially since they only just met and the twins were honor-bound to Sturmhond. The sudden switch in loyalty was suspicious.

What did you think of the book?

It was fantasmic! Leigh Bardugo is truly a genius. 

What? It’s a simple answer for a simple question and my opinion of Bardugo hasn’t changed.

What do you hope/expect to see in the next (last) one?

Prediction = NAILED IT! If you remember from the last post, I predicted they would be headed to the no-name village where Alina was born in their search for the firebird. I’m so happy the characters finally came to the same conclusion. They will be homeward-bound in book three and the firebird (or whatever the third amplifier is) will be found. Bet on it.

However, I can’t set aside the scene where Mal grabs Alina and her powers basically explode. There is something there we’re not seeing yet. Theories in the group are tending toward Mal actually BEING the amplifier, which I’m not willing to discount at this time. It is entirely plausible.

Another point that has been brought up several times is Mal possibly being Grisha. I was on that wagon at first, but now I’m not so sure. It seems too easy a plot twist, to be honest.

Whatever Mal is, he is all tangled up in the firebird mystery and I, for one, cannot wait for that time bomb to explode onto the page!

Who’s your favorite/less favorite character?

Favorite: I don’t have one, though I do have a soft spot for a certain pirate princeling.

Least Favorite: The Apparat. I despise that … that … man-thing. I have a feeling he’s going to make things difficult for our heroes in the final book. Plus he makes my skin crawl. I hope he gets what he deserves, much like Vasily did. Sooner rather than later, if you please.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you consider joining the final readlong for this series. It’s been a blast!


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