Discussion: Ruin and Rising – Part One #thegrishareadalong

If you have not read Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, or Ruin and Rising – be aware: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Siege and Storm flew by last month and so far Ruin and Rising is no different. I have been so impressed with Leigh Bardugo’s writing, having only been introduced to her last year. She is fast becoming one of my favorite authors and I see any future books by her automatically finding their way onto my shelves.

Once again I have joined Amanda and MC on this journey through the Grisha trilogy. It has been a pleasure reading along with not only them, but so many other amazing bookworms! The theories and discussions on Instagram have been thought-provoking and enlightening.

We’re almost done on this crazy ride. Hold on to your butts!

Discuss – Nikolai, the Lantsov emerald, and the banishment of the King.

Nikolai. *swoon* He’s the perfect man – both a bad boy and a prince, charming yet sarcastic, dashing but down-to-earth. He should be everyone’s book boyfriend!

Damn dude. For a “political arrangement”, that is one hell of a statement piece. Stop pretending it doesn’t kill you Alina doesn’t return your feelings. Too bad she’ll ever wear it … or if she does, it won’t be for long. I’m more than happy to take it off her marriage finger for you, though!

And speaking of fingers, thanks for finally giving dear old Dad the bird, figuratively. Okay, so technically he isn’t your daddy, but … semantics. The throne is yours and the King can die in peace (instead of pieces). Ravka will be better for it.

What are your thoughts on Mal’s tattoo?

There are some things that simply can’t be put into words. Mal is simply expressing all those feelings he can’t express (or has tried to express, but isn’t coming across strong enough).

As someone with tattoos, I know how liberating it can be and sometimes words aren’t enough. It can be easier to express your feelings by literally wearing them symbolically.

While I am still unsure what “I am become a blade” means exactly, it means something to him, so … more power to him.

Umm, excuse me, Alina suddenly learns to chop a mountain!?

Well, when you’re crunched for time and pages .. nope. Still unacceptable. I expected better of Bardugo’s genius. But what can you do? What’s done is done. I’m sure her power is going to grow shockingly fast. Bardugo only has nine more chapters to wrap it up.

Baghra lives! How old is this woman if she is the Darkling’s mother and who is the Darkling’s father? MC has a theory!

Ooh! And it’s a good one too! But first … I’m glad Baghra lived! She still has a part in this story, even if I haven’t figured out what that is yet. And if the Darkling is centuries old, damn. As old as dirt, at least. Ha!

As for MC, she theorized Morozova is either the baby daddy or the Darkling IS Morozova. Clever girl, that MC. I can see him being the Darkling’s daddy – that makes sense. I’m sure we will see soon enough!

Do you love Harshaw and Oncat? (just lie to me if you don’t – LOL)

I’m glad it’s finally a crazy cat-dude instead of a lady. And since it’s only one cat, I will begrudgingly admit it’s adorable. (And no, I’m not lying to you Amanda!)

David left the Darkling a way into the Fold! Are you pissed?

I actually expected a twist like this, so no. I’m not pissed. Besides, he didn’t do it on purpose. He’s like Morozova – always questing for knowledge. Of course dangerous knowledge falls into the wrong hands. It’s the way of things.

How about the fact David actually created a way to cross the Fold though!? He is even more brilliant than Morozova because he made lumiya safe, plus he had Nikolai’s help. Only they could come up with a glass skiff!

Will Mal find the Firebird?

Yes. To whatever end, he will find the third amplifier.


The same way Alina suddenly chopped off the top of a mountain within a few pages – creative wordsmithing. Things are going to move fast and we’ll be done. *sad face*

Well, that’s it for the first nine chapters. Stay tuned for the remainder of Ruin and Rising and the conclusion of the Grisha trilogy!


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