Pineapple Paradise: Memory Wire Bracelet {tutorial}

These bracelets are super easy to make and can be customized to any taste. Things You'll Need: memory wire assorted beads round nose pliers wire cutters charm (optional) See how it coils?  You will find other coiled wire, so make sure your package says memory wire.  It's designed to bounce back no matter how far … Continue reading Pineapple Paradise: Memory Wire Bracelet {tutorial}


Frodo’s Journey Bezel Bracelet {tutorial}

Welcome to the Travel edition of Blog With Friends! I haven't been working with jewelry for very long, but I learn something new every time I go to create something.  And, in keeping with my track record, nothing went according to plan with this one.  However, I love the final result and will be sad … Continue reading Frodo’s Journey Bezel Bracelet {tutorial}

Celebrating Nature: Beaded Bracelet {tutorial}

Welcome, precioussssses, to another feature by Blog with Friends!  This month we are celebrating Earth Day.  Go green with us and enjoy the projects! There was absolutely nothing about this project that went as planned.  Nothing. I want to thank a very understanding hubby, who helped me cling to my sanity as each attempt failed … Continue reading Celebrating Nature: Beaded Bracelet {tutorial}

Love Cage Captured Bead Chainmaille {tutorial}

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Lao Tzu Can you feel it yet?  Love, permeating the air around us, filling us with the overwhelming need to shower our loved ones with overpriced flowers and the sugar-induced coma of plentiful candy.  It's so romantic! Personally, Valentine's … Continue reading Love Cage Captured Bead Chainmaille {tutorial}