Celebrating December: A Haiku

Celebrating December - a Haiku (in multiple stanzas) Snowflakes are falling Jack Frost is nipping at toes Warm, cozy fire awaits Cinnamon scented Candy cane peppermint – yum Baking up a storm Family surrounds us Love and laughter fill the air Share secret smiles Bright lights are twinkling Festivities are abound Menorahs are lit Happy Hanukkah Observe … Continue reading Celebrating December: A Haiku


Ode to Turkey Day: A Haiku

  Ode to Turkey Day Turkey meat for days Family dinner together Over-eating, full Wearing drawstring pants Embracing tryptophan fate Gaseous and napping Cowboys or Lions The Packers and Bears, oh my Afternoon football Christmas season near First decorations are up Only four weeks left Get ready for the slam! #ThankfulPoetry by Jules at Bergham Chronicles … Continue reading Ode to Turkey Day: A Haiku